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ノースアンビエントエクスプレス - ONE

by North Ambient Express



Merry Christmas Everyone!

Abandoned カセット is proud to present you ノースアンビエントエクスプレス //
North Ambient Express, a full-length ambiental-dream music side-project dedicated for long travels anywhere in the world.

The first 122-minute album is intended to make your travel an unforgivable one.
This album is mostly dedicated for travels made by train. So no further stuff, the album offers the following tracks:

1. 夢を見る道 // A Dream Path - the song can be listened in the moment your travel just started. A 15:18 mintute drone that is playing with your ears due the kind of night ambience and Saw pads in first place.

2. 電子幸福 // Electronic Happiness - While traveling, it's very important to keep in mind the reason you're traveling for. The most common feeling about traveling, especially alone, is the happiness. A 40-minute track was designed for this case. You might feel some secondary effects while listening to it, such as lightspeed or something like that, as you would suddenly wake up at the desired destination.

3. フォググリッチ // Fog Glitch - it has been randomly made. But, the athmosphere that it offers you makes you feel uncomfortable whenver you stop at stations until you'll get the final destination. As your train stops in a station, another ones are ready to go, and sometimes the athmosphere in stations is neutral, almost lifeless, as you have never got there before.

4. Final Destination バーチャルステーション // Final Destination Virtual Station - Oops, you thought you're gonna stop at your actual desired place? Well, this is one of the North Ambient Express's biggest secrets. The express will deliver you and everyone who has a pure heart and a dreamy mind into another world, a world without violence, without hate for others. The virtual station you'll arrive next is part of world you'll always get whenever it's time for you to leave the real world.
No worries, anyway, we provide the biggest dreamy ambiences and make all the possibilities to make you comfortable in the virtual world.

As you'll make the first step into the Virtual Station, you'll become a hologram, but your emotions, love and dream abilities will be forever kept.

And yes, it is provided for you to come back into the real world whenever you want to.

EST. December 2016

MP3 Mirror:!ShdBSByT!_mJXaBrJwl9FTpnNqqPbK1ljcuoIhM7-RhlNuk7WZ6o


released December 24, 2016

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